Our Philosophy


At Island Society we don't just tan you and get you on your way. We make sure you are taken care of start to finish. You are provided with in depth instructions to follow and upon arrival you are walked through our process. With over 25+ years of combined experience we have created our own method that might be slightly different than you are used to.

For our spray tanning service, we help you choose a flawless color and keep it on file so you never have to remember what you got before {hello, convenience!} and can tweak or make changes upon your next visit.  Our tanning solution is organically derived, sugar + aloe based, which helps your tan last longer and keeps your skin moisturized. 

Our luxe teeth whitening service is no different. We have three different types of treatments ranging from a mild treatment for those who are ultra sensitive to a strong, hard-working, {albeit tingly} regimen. We'll assess the sitch in your mouth and let you know which one we think would be best. You can always opt for any one of our whitening products regardless of tooth sensitivity.

Additionally, most of our clients visit us when they are attending special events so our boutique is always stocked full of jewelry, candles, loungewear and so much more.


It's not just a tan or a teeth whitening, it's your own little Island Society getaway.