Follow These Tips

To Get the Best Glow

Please follow our instructions to the best of your ability. If you would like a little more advice or you are a first time guest please make sure all your questions are answered prior to arrival by texting us or emailing us.


  • Well hydrated skin makes the best canvas.

  • Exfoliate prior to your visit any time between the day of to two days prior.

  • Try to arrive with no lotion, make-up or deodorant. If you can't do that, no worries, we have shower wipes or exfoliating mitts for purchase that will prep your skin for the perfect tan.

  • Try to bring dark loose fitting clothing for after your session. If you forget, we have tanning mini and maxi dresses on hand for purchase.​

  • Women can wear anything to nothing at all during their session but men must wear something on bottom.

  • We provide disposable thongs (although we recommend your own for a better fit) and do not provide hair caps because you do not need them at Island Society. If you feel more comfortable with one, please bring your own.

  • For the classic rinse you will be rinsing at least 12 hours later. For the quick rinse, you will be rinsing 1-4 hours later and your tan will develop 12-24 hours later.

  • You can expect your tan to last at least 10 days with the proper after-care (hint: moisturize). Make sure to ask us about our tan extending products.