What To Expect


We don't have many instructions but the few we do have are important. Please read carefully and follow these precisely for the best results.


No brushing for at least three hours prior to your appointment. Brushing, especially hard or aggressive brushing, can cause tiny abrasions and increase the tingling sensation you may feel during your service. We will provide you with a teeth freshening wipe before and after your service. 


We will have you fill out our short new client waiver (if you have not already done so), assess your teeth shade and snap a before photo. We will also get you set up watching a show of your choice or you can choose what you want to listen to on your phone.


You'll be seated in our reclining, heated massage chair. We will set you up with red tinted safety glasses to block the light and you will be checked up on every five minutes. Viewing your tv show will be through the red tinted glasses so you may opt for listening to a podcast or music on your phone. You can expect to drool a bit during your service but you will be provided with a towel to clean up the excess. You may feel a slight tingling, this is completely normal.  


We will assess your new teeth shade and let you know how much brighter you went and snap an after photo for our records only. Your gums may have a white residue that will completely disappear within 15 minutes after the service. No eating or drinking for an hour after your treatment except water. During the following 24 hours you should not consume any staining food or beverages. This includes but isn't limited to curry, berries, coffee, red wine, etc.

Questions? E-mail us.